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A productive weekend (with photos!)

by on Jul.10, 2006, under General

Devil's Icebox, Rock Bridge State Park,

The above is definitely a favorite picture from this weekend smile You can click above to go look at some of the other photos I took Sunday at Rock Bridge State Park. I went there to play around more with the Nikon D100 I got for my birthday smile I’m really proud of some of the photos I took, although I REALLY need to work more with the camera. Mostly, I took photos that were all automatic in nature. The above photo was one of the few where I switched to manual settings. I think it came out well, but I’d really like to play more with the settings… next time. Anyways, take a look, and let me know what ya’ll think about the photos.

Other than taking a ton of photos, it’s been a rather annoying weekend. I currently don’t have internet at home, so I’ve been reading a lot, going out to take photos, watching movies, etc. It’s been a MAJOR headache, as I use the internet for just about everything, including looking up movie times, checking the weather, getting driving directions, getting phone numbers, and just to keep up on the news. On the other hand, I did get my wireless network reconfigured, and now can connect to my Airport Express to play music on my stereo, or to print to a remote printer. It’s also now setup to extend the range of my main access point, which should help when being in the living room and trying to connect wirelessly. Talk about a handy gadget, which is mac AND pc compatible!!

Related to the changes going on at home, I’m going to be changing poetshome.com around. I’ve started playing with Expression Engine, and I really like a lot of the things it does. I’m not so fond of how all the different webblogs are in the same database, nor that it’s not so easy to theme, but it looks like for the purposes of poetshome, it will be a much better solution. SO, over the next month or so, expect some major changes to poetshome.com. Also, all poetshome.com users can expect changes as I’ll work on migrating everyone from wordpress to the new website system, which is currently going to be expression engine (I’m still evaluating EE). Course, it’s been hard to do this stuff without having the internet. My whole weekends activities was marred by that single restriction.
Still, it’s also shown me how much I’m addicted to the internet, and also how much I need to focus on things other than being online all day. SO, that’s what led to the big photo shoot on Sunday. It’s just one of a number of changes in my life upon which I’ve begun. We’ll see how successful I am at implementing those changes in the future.
Last, I went to mass here Sunday and saw the new priests at Newman. Though the sermon in content was good, the presentation was somewhat lacking. Still, it looks promising overall, particularly some of the views expressed, with regards to the future of the Newman Center. And, more importantly… well, it just felt … right? It was ok being there. I didn’t feel out of place, like I have so much in the past. SO, we’ll see how things go on that front in the future.

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  • Erika

    Beautiful picture! I loved visiting Rock Bridge; it’s so beautiful. I’m somewhat jealous of your camera, although I do love my Canon Digital Rebel XT. I also have an Airport Express, and I LOVE it! It is quite a handy device. Apple rocks my socks.

  • Jason McIntosh

    Rock Bridge is VERY beautiful It’s also very green, and very dry (well, was the other day before the rains).  Why are ya jealous of my camera?  I’d think the Rebel XT is about as good, from what I’ve heard.  Mine’s 6.3MP, and it’s a very high end camera, but there’s not that much difference between the camera’s that I’ve seen.

    And, the Airport Express is definitely cool I’m impressed with its capabilities.  Apple rules!

  • Stephen

    Cool pics man – I liked going to RB when I lived there. You weren’t kidding about how dry it is there! I used to like going there after a huge rain event when the water under the rock bridge would almost cover the walkway.

    That D100 is a nice camera – I’d love a D2XS – 12mp, and only $4.5k! Which lens(es) did you get?

    My canon G6 works pretty well, but it’s a bit too big to take everywhere, so I’ve been looking at some pocket cams. There are some pretty cool ones like the nikon S6 and the canon SD600. I find that if the camera is too big to really take places, I won’t take as many shots.

    That’s pretty funny that the Dominicans took over Newman. Let us (who don’t live there anymore) know how it goes.

  • Jason McIntosh

    *grin* DEFINITELY dry here.  Alarmingly dry at the moment – but, we’re getting rain from thunderstorms, so hopefully that’ll help.  I wasn’t even able to set off fireworks, due to the lack of rain 🙁

    For lenses, just got an 18-80 lense – basic basic lense.  I’d really like to get a 25-200 lense or similar – just see how that goes.  See if I have spare money later at the end of the year.  I do need though macro functionality, and more importantly, I need the money to buy a lense – saving as much as I can right now.

    I’ll definitely keep ya updated on the Dominicans.  Off hand though, looks like it will be a good thing for Newman.  Maybe piss a lot of the core conservatives off (more than a little that is), but considering it’s a college campus, I think this will work better for people.

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