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God, Americans have a sad understanding of science

by on Aug.16, 2006, under General

I could say a lot on this topic, but this graph says a lot without a single written word. I will say this though – Americans ask why the average citizen is behind the rest of the world on science, history, math, etc. We ask these questions continuously, but until we start accepting basic scientific principles and theories, we’re never going to advance in science. Evolution, for all those naysayers or fanatics out there, IS a basic theory and it works. It works, although there may be slight changes to how it works as we understand more, the basic theory is valid and should not be open to debate. Question it yes, to refine the theorem, but as any scientist knows, “Theorem” is really more “fact”.

Another example of people questioning basic science is the question of the age of the Earth. I’ve had people tell me that the science supporting the age of the earth (4.5 billion years) is invalid, that there isn’t any real proof of it. I say this – until we stop blinding ourselves out of blind obedience to personal views, and REALLY look at things, not with eyes clouded by personal views (ok, I’ll be more direct, religion is generally the culprit here, although ignorance can be just as bad), Americans are not going to improve in science. Until we accept science as providing facts about the physical world, we’re going to continue to fail in science.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think science can explain God, religion, nor many other “questions” that exist. Every scientist I’ve met agrees – God is one thing science can’t prove or disprove. I have faith in God, and that he does do a lot in this world. My views on God and science have common areas at times, but science for me is HOW the world works. Trying to state that science isn’t valid, that things like evolution, carbon dating, or even basic biology don’t work or are wrong is just “blind” stupidity.

I know there are people who’d like to debate my views on this, who’d love to spend hours trying to convince me that I’m wrong and that the science isn’t real, or is fake, or is just wrong somehow. I used to spend this time trying to prove they’re wrong. However, I’ve given up on that, as some people will choose to blind themselves, and be stupid, no matter how much the truth will stare them in the face. Until Americans start facing the truth, and look it and understand and accept it, Americans will not advance in the scientific world.

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