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For the love of fall

by on Aug.29, 2006, under General

I woke up this morning with the first real taste of Fall – temperatures that actually felt decently cool. I’m not talking the 70’s that you can wear shorts in. I’m talking temperatures that made me feel like long sleeve shirts were the order of the day! I’ve been looking forward to this for sooo long. The days with cooler temperatures are generally my favorite days of the year! Now, I do love an occasional hot day – gotta have those for swimming & scuba diving, but nothing beats a 70 high, 50 low kinda day in my view.

Now, perhaps I’m nuts, but I love wearing long sleeve shirts, changing colors on the trees, leaves crunching while I walk, hayrides, cider, and EVERYTHING that goes with this. There are few things on this earth other than fall that can get me this sentimental. There’s just something about seeing the colors change, and watching leaves fall from the trees. There’s seeing all the halloween decorations, and later thanksgiving decorations, that just hits at the core of my being. All of those feelings, and seeing those things that I live, well, all that happens as the temperatures drop! Perhaps that’s why I look forward to this time of year. It just makes it easier doing things, going outside, and enjoying the scenery. For example, this weekend I’m hoping to go up to the corn maze, take another trip to my grandmothers, and perhaps see some of those colors I’ve been talking about – it’s not very easy to do any of that kind of stuff during the summer!

Soon too, it will be time for pumpkins (and PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!), halloween, thanksgiving, and all the holiday cheer, but I’m going to wait to talk about anything other than pumpkins & ghosts & ghouls until AFTER halloween at the earliest. For now I’ll finally pull out the flannel shirts, enjoy weekend trips, and revel in the ability to leave my windows open at night. I have to say it – I’m definitely looking forward to the fall this year, and all that comes with cooler temperatures!

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  • alaina

    gosh, your making me look forward to it lol, i use to be really into halloween and christmas and the good stuff that comes with it, although i think it was more fun for me as a child (of course my parents tried to make things fun when we were kids and after we grew well everything changes). maby ill have that big family and change things around someday. for right now i just get through everything and wait for summer to show.(although winter and snowbaording is coming back but i dont even know if im going to this yr)

  • Kati

    I agree…fall rocks! 

  • kropp

    I concur as well. I can’t wait to get the hell out of FL – I can’t wait for October in Chicago. Wind and leaves blowing about, and wearing sweaters. Glorious.

  • Jason McIntosh

    *grin* Course, I’ll probably be complaining fiercely when it’s 5 degrees out BUT, hey, what can I say?  It’s nice while it’s nice!

  • kropp

    I won’t be complaining one bit about lower temperatures. An ambient temp of around 5f would give my cars an additional 40hp, as compared to 90f

  • alaina

    hahah love the probably complaining when it gets freezing, thats what happens to me all the time, but i always say it needs to snow if its going to be cold as heck(unfort last time it snowed it was driving to school and was a very new driver(yiks)

    i use to complain about heat but i learned on that one, im getting close to being ready for winter, and at that time, when i get my fun in, ill want summer back

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