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The upcoming Nintendo Wii

by on Sep.27, 2006, under General, Humor

Ok, I was reading some more articles on the upcoming nintendo Wii that's supposed to be out around November.  Off hand, this looks like one of the first, truly innovative ideas for a game console that I've seen in years.  Yes, the Xbox 360 adds graphics, and does a LOT for online connectivity, but as a gaming system, there hasn't been too many significant advances since the Nintendo 64.  Each game console since has really just increased the graphics power of the unit.  The nintendo Wii is the first I'm seeing that does something new – it's got a motion sensitive controller that lets you immerse yourself into the games.  You swing the controller to swing a tenis rack, wield it like a samurai sword, cast a fishing line with a swing of your hand, etc.  This will be an amazing thing, I think, in the world of gaming – I know on many such games I get into the game so heavily I'm moving around already.  Now, it'll be part of the game itself.

Sadly though, nintendo chose the name "Wii" for the console.  A bigger idiot of a name would be hard to find.  The game console may rock, and may have an amazing control system, but come on – Wii?  like wee wee I gotta take a leak?  Worse still, every time I hear the name "Wii" I think of this entertaining flash carton .  *sigh* I'll NEVER be able to think of the "Wii" without thinking of that cartoon – which may ruin the whole experience for me.  How much fun will it be to constantly chuckle every time you turn on your game console?  wink  BTW guys, that cartoon is probably not work safe.  I mean, it's not bad, but it's called "Gonads and Strife" – the title there should give you a clue.  But, watch it when you get a chance – you'll get a laugh and understand why the name of the new nintendo console makes me laugh.

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