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The use of torture

by on Oct.12, 2006, under Politics

Ok, I saw this post over on Whil Wheaton's blog (the same guy who was on Star Trek Enterprise – he's apparently a big geek) and had to post a link to his commentary here.  First I need to say AMEN – I agree.  Second, I have to toss in some reasons why I think there are very much limits when dealing with terrorists, or ANYONE who uses tactics or techniques that aren't the most "kosher" with the concepts of honor and honorable battle.  To stoop to using tactics such as torture against such people, is to lower ourselves to their standards.  I've heard people state that there shouldn't be any limits in what we can do to get information to save peoples lives.  I say that such attitudes might be appropriate for people who have no choices, but I say that I'd rather give up my life than give up my freedoms, the freedoms of my kids, and the freedoms this country was founded upon.  Torture, though possibly a method to obtain information, is the same as suicide bombings which we supposedly vehemently abhor – a practice of using cruel and unusual punishment against people, and that's something I'll NEVER support, in any way shape or form.  Not against any human being.  There are some lines we as a civilized society should NEVER cross.

I can't support torture, the possibility of even using torture, and especially not any candidate who could even conceive of it, even if you'd use the politically correct term "interrogation" – I'm sorry, torture is torture, no matter how "nice" you want to make it sound. 

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