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by on Dec.09, 2006, under General

It's been… interesting as of late, to put it mildly.  First, earlier this week, after over four months of dating, Stephanie and I broke up.  I'm not going to list reasons, explain, but it happened, it sucks, and I'm dealing with it – mostly.  *sigh* There are times where I'll be doing something though and it just hits me that she's not there to talk to or be around.  *sigh* That'll fade in time, thankfully.

Other news, Joan , Christian's girlfriend lost her mother in a car accident, so prayers and thoughts go to her!  That's one thing I have a hard to even imagining, the loss and pain that's involved.  I'll definitely be keeping her in my prayers. 

The last bit of news is that Mike Hanewinkel finally started a blog – so some happiness in there with the sad.  Hop on over and say hi to him, leave a comment, etc.

It's interesting to look and see how things change, particularly when you least expect it.  Sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's joyful, but it's all part of life, and these experiences make us who and what we are.  The best we or anyone can do sometimes is just look and pray to god for guidance and assistance.  I know that prayer every day, and I make it again – lord, help me find your way, guide me on it, and be there to welcome me with a couple of beers at the end of the road smile 

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  • Erika

    Sorry to hear about you and Stephanie. I know it sounds trite, but I truly believe things happen for a reason. Stay strong, and I’ll know you’ll get through it.

    That completely sucks about Joan’s mom. I can’t imagine that happening, let alone right after being on such a high from getting engaged. My thoughts are with her and Christian.

  • Rebecca

    Sorry to hear that life is down right now.  Don’t forget that you have people you can talk to / email / im.

    Please send my condolences to Joan.

  • Kristi

    That’s sad to hear things didn’t work out with you and Stephanie. But I think maybe God is just leading you closer and closer to the right one. I hope so at least.

    Thanks for the link to Mike’s blog, I’ll check it out!

  • Jason McIntosh

    Definitely hope so too Kristi – we’ll just see In other news related to that, discovered some stuff including that she lied about a lot of things, finally got to the point where I think, for the most part, I’m over her.  If anything is left at this point, it’s more anger/disappointment, mostly aimed at myself.

    *grin* WOMEN All of ya are completely nuts!  Oh well, so, yeah, I’m doing much better here recently.

  • Stephanie

    I lied? About what I would like to know.

  • Jason McIntosh

    I’m not going to discuss it anymore than we have already, and particularly not here.  Let me clarify however what I see as “lying.” When I see someone dissembling, that’s the same to me as lying.

    When I feel that someone is not being completely honest about things or telling half-truths is the same to me as lying.  This includes the “are you fine” questions, and the proverbial “I’m fine!” response when you’re really not fine. 

    I believe in being totally truthful and honest, even if it’s less comfortable for people to hear.  I expect the same of people and, though I’m often disappointed, in a g/f it’s even more important to me to have that level of honesty.

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