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by on Jan.17, 2007, under General

Ok, I'm not quite that bad, but I AM bonkers over my early Christmas gift.  Wait, did he just say early Christmas gift?  Isn't it January?  Yes, he did, and yes folks – I'm slow sometimes on posting things wink  Anyways, on to my new toy!

I've had numerous machines over the years, and in an effort to simplify things, I've been selling off various bits and pieces of computers I've had laying around.  I sold off my desktop, old laptop, and am trying to sell a couple of other computers right now.  As part of that, the end goal is to get to a simple desktop for home use, and a laptop for on the go stuff.  And, a new change, both of these systems need to be OS X/Apple systems.  I use OS X almost exclusively now for personal things like photo management, games, web browsing, etc.  I've COMPLETELY dropped windows at this point, except on really really really really really rare days where I have to load up an old windows program (or occasionally an old windows only game).  Anyways, back to my new toy, a relatively new 20" iMac smile

Computer Spectrum or Tigertech or whatever it's called now on campus occasionally has REALLY good closeout deals on previous models of Apple computers.  I managed to snag one of the earlier model iMac Core Duo machines for a VERY hefty discount (not going to say how much, but let's just say I saved a ton of money).  It's brand new, just was a previous model that they were trying to clear out of their inventory. 

 OK, I hadn't meant to post this right away, but all good wink  I'll toss up a picture later, but I'll finish with this is one heck of a machine!  

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  • Erika

    Woot! I LOVE my MacBook Pro, and we have a lab full of iMacs in the Graphic Communications department, and they are awesome as well. Have fun with your new toy!

  • kropp

    Nice dude!

    Congratulations on the imac – hopefully it will serve you well. Smart that you got a core duo machine, as you’ll be sort of future proof, at least for a while.

    While reading a site about the new iphone, the author made a comment that I think might be a bit true – that Mac is very much like the proverbial roach motel – people can check in, but they can’t as easily check out. His connotation was more to the negative (people getting hooked on things like ipods and not being able to get their music off of the things if they ever need to from all the copy management), where I don’t actually mind hanging out in the motel – as long as it’s comfortable, easy to use, and virus free. The alternative is a horrible place – I almost killed myself over a kernel.dll error. Now everything is much more happy.

  • Jason

    Well, it’s doing great for me thus far!  I’m using it daily, love the experience.  The stupid might mouse thing is basically useless for me, and I’m not so sure about the quality of the keyboard, but the display is gorgeous, the performance amazing, and overall I’m VERY satisfied.

    Now, I still plan on buying a Macbook Pro sometime this spring, but I’m waiting on that for a while yet. 

    Yeah, I’m “sorta” locked in.  My music is however un-DRM’d so that’s not an issue for me.  I’ve got an iPod yes, but my music is stored elsewhere.  The files I’ve got on the Mac are mostly in standard formats, so if I DID have to switch to say Linux, I could do so without too much difficulty. 

    I DEFINITELY don’t ever plan to switch back to windows.  Maybe occasionally run it if I want to play a windows only game, but otherwise, it’s in the grave where it belongs.

  • Rebecca

    Hmm, it must not be THAT nice if you haven’t even posted a picture yet

    Actually, Chris’ work now has an iMac and now he wants one too.  According to the Apple website, you get a choice of two video graphics cards.  Chris has not been happy with the Radeon card with his current (non-Mac) laptop, but hasn’t tried the other card (I can’t think of the name right now).  Surfing the internet, we can find pro and con comments for both cards ~ so no help in making a selection there. 

    Do you have an suggestions/comments on the better video card?

  • Rebecca

    I think the other card may be the invidia card…

  • Jason

    The graphics card really depends on what you’re doing.  The iMac is a generic desktop system – not a gamer system.  Thus, the graphics card that it uses works well for most things, but for the high-end games, you’re better of with a Mac Pro or similar system.  Anyways, I’ve got an ATI Radeon in mine, and it works pretty well for anything I do.  The 7300 GT is a better card, but is only available in the 24” iMac.  The 20” iMac and higher end 17” iMac use the ATI card.  Avoid the GMA graphics cards (the integrated ones – ugh). 

    SO, basically, it depends on how much “gaming” you’re wanting to do For my use, I don’t need the super newest graphics card to play games – I do more photos and simpler games than the high end games.  I use a console (i.e. Xbox, Wii, etc.) for most of my gaming other than World of Warcraft and a few other simulation games.

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