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Accidentally clicked on porn?  Go to jail for up to 40 years!

by on Feb.28, 2007, under General

I've gotta say this is perhaps THE MOST SCREWED UP story I've heard in a LONG while.   This lady is a teacher of 12-13 year olds, and I'm guessing was teaching a lecture on a projector.  Well, somehow or another she got a bunch of porn popups.  The kids mentioned it to their parents, parents threw a hissy fit, teacher was dismissed.  That wasn't enough, so the parents contacted the police and threw a bigger hissy fit, and the lady is now looking at 40 years possible jail time.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't know all the details of the case.  If there was actually intent, jail time is more understandable.  However, how many of us internet users have accidentally clicked on a link to discover lots and lots of pictures of naked women or men or other things that we really didn't want to see?  Come on, porn is a part of the internet (Avenue Q reference anyone?).  Putting someone in jail because she accidentally opened up porn and didn't know how to get rid of it is flat out stupid.  Yes, kids were involved and saw it.  However, let me ask you this – at what age did you first start learning about sex?  At what age did you first see any pictures related to it?  Hell, look on TV – there's been Skin-emax on for how long? Honestly, porn is NOT a big deal.  You click the close button, ignore it, move on with your life.  And grow up.

Some of this is perhaps American society – we're soooo worried about pornography and sex and nudity.  I'd personally be much more worried about violence, blood, and gore.  Video games often are worse than any level of porn.  Instead of hiding from stuff, pretending it doesn't exist, burrying heads in the sand, isn't it MUCH smarter to educate kids about stuff??  What the hell is the problem with the US today??

Ok, enough ranting, back to work.  I'll have more meaningful posts up soon, I hope (life is kinda nuts right now). 

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Singles Awareness Day

by on Feb.14, 2007, under General

Yes, it's that time of year again – the time when all of us single folk are reminded of our status in society.  We're told explicitly from every window that we're second class because we there isn't someone whom we can give flowers and chocolates.  For your intrepid blogger, this is a horrible day, as I think only once or twice in his entire life has there been someone with whom he could celebrate this holiday.

In other words, this day sucks for those who are single.  It's a painful reminder of that condition which many of us find ourselves – that of being without a significant other.  However, if we're all honest – it's not the holiday we hate.  It's not the people walking around with someone that we hate.  it's our singleness, it's the lack that we hate.  It's envy we feel towards others on this day.  It's regret?  loneliness?  whatever emotion which properly covers the gamut of a persons psyche on this day, that feeling really isn't one of hate.  

SO, let me say this to my future mate, whoever you are, where ever you may be, my heart yearns for you now.  I wish I had you here with me, and pray to God for assistance in finding you.  I pray that on this day that my prayers find you, and comfort you on some level that I'll be here waiting for you when God places you on my path.  Or me on yours.  Or something.  I just know that I anxiously am awaiting that day, with all of my being praying that God is making me ready for you, as well as you for me, and that God helps me to not look for what I want, but what God wants for me.  SO, my prayer ends thus – God, help me be a servant of your will, help me though to find that other half that you plan for me to be with, but only find her in your time and place, and most importantly, thank you God for all the gifts you've given and continue to give me in life.  I just pray that this one gift, that of my other half, may not be too far away wink 

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Steve Jobs and DRM

by on Feb.07, 2007, under General

By the time you've read this, it's more than likely you've already read Steve Jobs' post regarding DRM.  For more information on how DRM messes with your life read this entry in Wikipedia.   If you haven't read either the post or some of the relevant discussions, you can read through some of the news sites responses by doing a Google News search for "Steve Jobs DRM" .  I won't rehash a lot of his arguments, nor the arguments of many who've discussed the article.  I'll just say a few words on some things that really made me stop and think about the whole situation. 

First, F-ing BRILLIANT piece of work if from no other aspect than an amazing public relations move.  Also, some major BS too, but that's my opinion of the licensing FairPlay discussion, and despite that I still agree with the majority of his article.  Even disagreeing with his viewpoints on FairPlay, I can at least respect his views.  What's interesting though is a few points brought up on boingboing.net regarding selling music RIGHT NOW in a non-DRM format .  Basically, the argument is that a lot of independent labels already have said they'd be more than willing to have their music sold in a non-DRM format.  Now, the question becomes when will it be possible to purchase this music?  I know personally, I vowed not to buy anything off of iTunes because of DRM issues (when you replace machines regularly and have had as many issues as I've had transferring music from an old machine to a new one, you'd understand).  

SO, how about it?  Can I finally buy music through iTunes from independent labels without DRM?  If not now, when?  If this doesn't become an option after the furor his article has generated, I'd argue that the expose isn't so much about DRM, as it is about Apple trying to avoid litigation issues with the Norwegian Consumer Council .

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Harry Potter Book 7

by on Feb.01, 2007, under General

It's announced!  It's coming!  July 21st!  SOooo, time to go over to B&N and preorder a book wink  More info on the page for Book 7, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the Barnes & Noble site .

SO, I gotta ask – who's dying this time?  Harry?  Ron?  Everyone? wink 

* EDIT* – sorry, I had to correct the date above, I'd originally said July 31st but it's really 21st, so 10 days sooner!  WOOT!  Also, isn't the cover kinda creepy?  I mean, I expect this to be one of the most disturbing Harry Potters, considering the last couple of books, but still….

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