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Singles Awareness Day

by on Feb.14, 2007, under General

Yes, it's that time of year again – the time when all of us single folk are reminded of our status in society.  We're told explicitly from every window that we're second class because we there isn't someone whom we can give flowers and chocolates.  For your intrepid blogger, this is a horrible day, as I think only once or twice in his entire life has there been someone with whom he could celebrate this holiday.

In other words, this day sucks for those who are single.  It's a painful reminder of that condition which many of us find ourselves – that of being without a significant other.  However, if we're all honest – it's not the holiday we hate.  It's not the people walking around with someone that we hate.  it's our singleness, it's the lack that we hate.  It's envy we feel towards others on this day.  It's regret?  loneliness?  whatever emotion which properly covers the gamut of a persons psyche on this day, that feeling really isn't one of hate.  

SO, let me say this to my future mate, whoever you are, where ever you may be, my heart yearns for you now.  I wish I had you here with me, and pray to God for assistance in finding you.  I pray that on this day that my prayers find you, and comfort you on some level that I'll be here waiting for you when God places you on my path.  Or me on yours.  Or something.  I just know that I anxiously am awaiting that day, with all of my being praying that God is making me ready for you, as well as you for me, and that God helps me to not look for what I want, but what God wants for me.  SO, my prayer ends thus – God, help me be a servant of your will, help me though to find that other half that you plan for me to be with, but only find her in your time and place, and most importantly, thank you God for all the gifts you've given and continue to give me in life.  I just pray that this one gift, that of my other half, may not be too far away wink 

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  • Joan

    Although I have been attached for a couple Valentine’s Days now, I completely relate to you and all other singles on this day.  Before Christian, I had never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, and I always felt exactly the way you do now.  I think you expressed the root of the feelings very well, by the way.

    In some ways, I feel a little guilty for “celebrating” Valentine’s Day.  I feel like it’s rubbing it in the faces of all my single friends, and I know how much hurt that status can cause every February 14th.  On the other hand, I feel like I want to make up for all those years before God brought us together by celebrating now!

    If it’s any comfort at all, I’m sure God has a plan for your life and He will reveal it in His own time.  I commend you for submitting to His Will and His Time – keep persevering!



  • Jason

    Thank you Joan I appreciate your comments.  And, please be aware that though you may feel a bit guilty – there’s no real need.  You should celebrate your happiness!  Granted, there’s a difference between celebration and “rubbing it in” – but you know that difference well!  SO, don’t worry about making up for those lost years!  I can understand totally, and someday hopefully I’ll do the same!  Until that point, I intend to sit back, have a bit of envy I’ll try and resist having, but mostly be happy for you guys

    Interestingly enough, it was a conversation with a friend a while back that finally made me stop, and decide to focus on what God wanted from me.  SO, since then, I’ve been doing my best to not focus or worry about relationships (and that is VERY hard to do at times), but worry more about what God wants from me, and to try and follow that path.

  • Aaron Colburn

    Wow, I have read your past posts, and it sounded like you had two really great girls in the past year, and you let them slip through your fingers.  So maybe it is your own fault that you are alone.

  • Jason

    Actually, in the last year, the first girl and I didn’t fit, I broke it off, and have no regrets – for a number of reasons that people close to me realize. 

    The last girlfriend claimed to have broke it off because I cared more for my dog than her.  On the other hand she had a number of issues which I don’t feel the need to bring up here.  In other words, we didn’t match for a number of reasons, but NOT by my choice – as I was willing to compromise and work on disagreements, and she wasn’t. 

    I won’t bother explaining much else, other than to say that “two really great girls” is definitely NOT accurate.  At least, not great girls for me, and has NO bearing on my current status of “single.” If anything, friends have told me I stayed with them too long, rather than not staying and trying hard enough. 

    So “you’re own fault” I would say is inaccurate.  There is a part of course that IS my fault – I won’t deny I’ve made major mistakes, but you’re make a statement that I would call patently false.

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