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Accidentally clicked on porn?  Go to jail for up to 40 years!

by on Feb.28, 2007, under General

I've gotta say this is perhaps THE MOST SCREWED UP story I've heard in a LONG while.   This lady is a teacher of 12-13 year olds, and I'm guessing was teaching a lecture on a projector.  Well, somehow or another she got a bunch of porn popups.  The kids mentioned it to their parents, parents threw a hissy fit, teacher was dismissed.  That wasn't enough, so the parents contacted the police and threw a bigger hissy fit, and the lady is now looking at 40 years possible jail time.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't know all the details of the case.  If there was actually intent, jail time is more understandable.  However, how many of us internet users have accidentally clicked on a link to discover lots and lots of pictures of naked women or men or other things that we really didn't want to see?  Come on, porn is a part of the internet (Avenue Q reference anyone?).  Putting someone in jail because she accidentally opened up porn and didn't know how to get rid of it is flat out stupid.  Yes, kids were involved and saw it.  However, let me ask you this – at what age did you first start learning about sex?  At what age did you first see any pictures related to it?  Hell, look on TV – there's been Skin-emax on for how long? Honestly, porn is NOT a big deal.  You click the close button, ignore it, move on with your life.  And grow up.

Some of this is perhaps American society – we're soooo worried about pornography and sex and nudity.  I'd personally be much more worried about violence, blood, and gore.  Video games often are worse than any level of porn.  Instead of hiding from stuff, pretending it doesn't exist, burrying heads in the sand, isn't it MUCH smarter to educate kids about stuff??  What the hell is the problem with the US today??

Ok, enough ranting, back to work.  I'll have more meaningful posts up soon, I hope (life is kinda nuts right now). 

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