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No Freudian references please

by on Apr.07, 2007, under General

New truck SO, I splurged.  I mean, I ROYALLY splurged.  But, it's also something I've been wanting for about 3 or 4 years.  It's absolutely beautiful too smile  It's an F-250 Crew Cab, Lariat, FX4 4×4, Diesel, power EVERYTHING truck.  I'm finally able to have people comfortably ride along with me, and I can pull a trailer without any concerns regarding weight (well, up to like 10k lbs or so).  

I decided upon this truck rather suddenly, although I'd been planning on something similar for years.  When I got my F-150 way back, I'd really wanted something with more room for people.  In the intervening years, it's been an issue anytime I've wanted to go someplace and have someone along.  At least, anytime I wanted to go someplace comfortably.  

Thus, Friday I went to look at this truck.  I'd originally planned to only look, as I was going to wait a while.  My old truck was paid off, and running ok.  I was planning on waiting a while to see if I wanted to buy a laptop first.  Eventually, after seeing the truck, reading more about it, figuring financing and other related issues, I couldn't resist.  It's something I've wanted for a long time, I had the money set aside, no significant debt, and well, for a lot of reasons, I decided to move on the "black beauty".  All said and done, this truck should last me for years to come, and be a great vehicle overall.  Yes, it's big, but I wanted something big and reliable.  SO, please, no Freudian references please? 

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  • kropp


    That thing is immense! I like it! It looks cool in black. You could most likely park my MINI Cooper in the back of that thing quite comfortably.

    Auto or manual? I bet that thing has quite a bit of torque, so it probably doesn’t matter much what transmission is in it, as it probably only needs one single overdrive gear to move it about.

    Congrats on the ride! And I’ll raise a glass to Rudolf Diesel tonight faaar ya!

  • Jason McIntosh

    *grin* If I couldn’t park the minicooper (it’s got a 6.5’ bed), I could easily tow several of them

    Sadly, with the lariat package, this bad boy came with a 5 speed automatic with tow-haul mode (i.e. changes how gearing works).  As for torque, well, how does around 560 ft lb sound?


    has a detailed review of the engine.  Overall, the engine is pretty nice, although there are more reported issues with it than with their earlier 7.3L diesel.  An example of one reported problem:


    I read a few forums and people generally preferred the older engine.  *grin* Of course, for what I do, this is more than enough truck and I don’t anticipate any problems.  Let me tell yas, the sound of it going up a hill, not struggling at all was VERY nice – it was nice and quiet, no real effort at all for it.

    BTW, a few more links:

    edmunds specs on gas version:



  • kropp

    Very informative links – that is one nice truck. I like what one of the reviews said about the quietness of the engine when it’s underway – that they only thing the reviewer could hear was the turbo under light acceleration.

    560 ft/lbs. of torque! Nice! I’d love a BMW 3 series with that engine in it…

    I wonder if there are any ECU mods available for that thing – since it’s a turbo, you would think it would be possible to mod the ECU to produce more boost. A manual boost controller would be cool – I’m sure you could find a spare windows laptop sitting around somewhere…

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