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Ha Ha Tonka Photos

by on May.05, 2007, under General

Took a random trip around the country side, visited a friend, and ended up at Ha Ha Tonka state park today smile  Had a hell of a time, and enjoyed just getting out and relaxing!  Ha Ha Tonka was AMAZING to see, although not a huge amount of time to visit, was definitely something worth seeing.  Check out my photos and let me know what ya'll think! 

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  • kropp

    Very cool photos of Ha Ha Tonka. When I first heard the name at Mizzou I thought it was a joke about a toy truck. That is some pretty intense nature – looked very peaceful. Are there any bike trails around there?

    I saw your transportation pics as well. Also very cool photos. It looks like they have a bicentennial era CTA L train too – very cool.

  • Jason McIntosh

    LOL Yeah, Ha Ha Tonka does sound like a toy truck, doesn’t it On the other hand, it is an amazing park.  For biking, there might be some trails there that you could bike, but the ones at the cstle and many of the trails I saw listed said no bikes allowed.  You can find more info on Ha Ha Tonka here:


    The transportation museum is a place that brings back a ton of memories, as in some ways, I think my love of trains stems from that place.  I remember visiting the museum with my parents back when I was a kid, and it was a truly awesome experience that I hope to replicate with my kids someday. 

    I don’t recall seeing a CTA L train, but it’s possible there might be one.  *grin* Although, I must admit, I’m surprised you weren’t more interested in the cars

  • kropp

    In your gallery, DSC_2937.JPG looks to be a a mid-seventies era CTA L car.

    The cars were very cool too, but I also have a thing for trains. I recently got into the big LGB german model trains – they can run outside in all kinds of weather.

  • Jason McIntosh

    *grin* Teach me to look harder Yeah it’s got the coloring of the Bicentennial model, although I don’t remember if it is really a bicentennial model.

    I do know that this trolley was in use for going back and forth a ways – it wasn’t active when I was there at the time, but it does run.  *grin* now ya need to hop on down to St. Louis to see if it really is the CTA L car

  • Rebecca

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures of ha ha park…very cool to see it in spring green rather than fall folage.

    In college (down in Rolla near the park no less) I thought someone was “pulling my leg” when they told me about Ha Ha park.  Fast forward several years and we finally figured out it was an actual park and had to visit from kansas :~ Your and kropp’s thoughts on the name make me feel less gullible

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