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For love of riding, animals, and living in the country

by on Nov.23, 2008, under Personal

It’s been a bit since I’d posted anything, and though not a huge amount has changed recently, I thought I’d toss in a few things.  November is rapidly approaching a close, and there’s at least a few newsworthy events in life that are of worth noting.

First, Malcolm is very close to getting a sibling, as I’ve been debating heavily getting another dog.  There are a lot of reasons for and against that, mostly dealing with expense and whether or not I’ll be staying where I’m currently living.  However, I do think Malcolm could use someone to hang out with when I’m not around.  He’s not getting any younger, and having someone to play with might help him stay active and young.  I went to the humane society the other day, and there are some gorgeous dogs there… the trick is picking just one and not taking home 4 more!  Hopefully more information will come regarding that soon, as no decisions have been made yet.

Second, my brother may be leaving me soon as a roommate, leaving me on my own for the first time since I first moved out of my parents house.  I have had a roommate continuously for the last 7 years and this will be a major change in my life.  I do think it will be a good change for me, and hopefully a step towards my long term goal of home ownership, but I also wonder about the side effects.  It can be pretty lonely living on one’s own, and I don’t actually talk to that many people anymore anyways. I don’t go to the bars all too often, and aside from work, I don’t have a large amount of interaction with people.  Hopefully that will change in the upcoming months, but it’s still someone concerning to see how I do with no one around all the time.

I’ve talked in the past about buying a house.  Here recently, I made a decision to wait and instead focus on paying off my truck.  I want a house, 10 acres of land, and to be outside of the city limits, and that is expensive and with the truck payment, more debt and such than I want to consider at this time.  I know there are cheaper options if I wanted to live closer to Columbia or not have so much land, but I’ve been riding enough and doing enough thinking lately that that’s the kind of life I want to lead.  Don’t get me wrong, I like cities, and being close to people on occasion, and I know I’ll miss being able to hop over to Wal-mart at 12am because I ran out of something or other.  On the other hand, being out in the country where I have my own house, no neighbors partying and smoking and such until wee hours of the morning, well, that will be priceless.Of course, with 10 acres, I can have a party and bonfire and not worry about disturbing the neighbors, which will be even more awesome!

SO, the goals I have for the next year at this point are to get my truck paid off, purchase a horse saddle (western seat, roping), and probably a horse trailer, and maybe a horse depending on finances.  I’m getting the saddle and trailer out of the way, as I can use those now, and those are one-time purchases (hopefully!).  If all goes well, and I continue to like horse back riding and the things I’m doing, the horse will come later next year I hope!  Then, once that’s all taken care of, I can look at the house and 10 acres, though I must admit, I do browse the real estate guides occasionally, and man there are some nice houses available!

There’s a number of other things going on in life, related to all of the above, but I think that’s enough of an update for now 😉  More importantly, it’s time to eat.  Malcolm is complaining very loudly about his food bowl being empty, and I have more cleaning and organizing to do.  Take care all, and god bless!

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