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Some superbowl links (the important ones)

by on Feb.07, 2005, under News

First, one can’t talk about the superbowl without talking about the advertisements being shown. Fox news has a site for the advertisements along with a poll on which was the best advertisement. I was kinda torn between which were the best. The GoDaddy one was entertaining, even more so because their ad in the second half was pulled due to them making fun of the FCC and such. The Bad Kitty ad was great smile Particularly the final scene where she walks in and sees him – I was laughing heavily at that one smile The monkeys were definitely entertaining – I mean, a monkey zeroxing it’s rear? What incredible monkey business (bad pun, but that’s what they were going for). In the end though, there’s one that I have to give the most kudos to:

Anheuser Busch takes the prize in this game. They were the only ad shown that honored our troops serving at home and abroad. The other commercials may have been funny, entertaining, witty, or any other thing – but only Anheuser Busch honored all the men and women abroad serving this country. Further, they’ve also got a Hero Salute for military personal. My hat is off to Anheuser for their actions and for this ad. Of course, it’s not Anheuser who deserves the most praise – it’s all those troops out there serving. Thank you all.

I’ll say this one final time before I finish this post. Thank you all who are serving here or abroad.

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It’s kinda sad where the US seems to be heading…

by on May.03, 2004, under News

I remember when Christian and I were discussing the state of the US, where we were heading, general politics and history. One of the things he said, and I saw it, but didn’t want to believe it, or accept it, was that the US seems to be in a kinda decline. Our sciences in particular have been on the MAJOR downside lately. Some may doubt it, but I’m actually not too surprised, considering many factors here in the US. Slashdot has several things listed on this article, such as maybe decreased emphasis on education, or perhaps too much military spending, but I wonder if it’s another factor: The US has gotten complacent in its role of superpower, and is so focused on past glories, that it’s ignoring the future, ignoring what needs to be done. I can’t help but feel there’s a distinct lack of focus on education, or that life is too easy for many families.

I mean, I look at growing up the way I did, with a major focus on studies, getting good grades, etc. Now, I probably “romanticize” it a bit, but when it comes down to it, my family focused heavily on education and doing well. Part of me wonders if it’s as some of the commentary on slashdot mentions – life is too easy for so many of us, so we don’t value what an education can mean. Or, perhaps it’s just a different social arena – i.e. the nerdy kids getting beat up because they’re trying to do well in school only it’s more serious with the extremism of today.

Education is a possible problem, family environment is possible issue, TV/nintendo is possibly the issue, a lot of things are possible causes of the “declination” of the US. One factor I haven’t even mentioned is Bush’s lack of interest in actual science, vs. made up science that fits his policies. Or perhaps it’s just too much spending in the wrong areas. I don’t know – just I feel life is going to crap here in the US, or in a lot of ways, we’ve lost our drive.

So, gotta ask – what do people think? Has the US lost its drive? Are we getting complacent/decadent? Education thoughts? Am I blowing smoke out my arse or perhaps worried over nothing?

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And they said gas was expensive…

by on Jan.15, 2004, under News

Just heard that St. Louis is looking at 1.65 or so for gas. Now, for me, that’s not bad, as I was paying for that for my previous car. However, that was for PREMIUM fuel, not the 87 octane version most people use. As such, 1.65 is kinda on the high side. An interesting side note, was a doonesbury strip (the strip link is the old pictures) I found which discusses this from 30 years ago, when it was only 85 cents. Hmm, wish I could back then and buy gas.

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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

by on Jan.08, 2004, under News

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows that I’m a space nut, and even more a science, exploratory, whatever techno nut. But, it is such an important thing. It to me is a way to expand the human spirit, to go explore again. Talking to Christian Cosas, I have to agree, “i remember this columbus dude who decided to make some hasty trek across the ocean 600 years ago
fuckin fruitless, i tellya”. We need to expand, to explore, to “go where no man has gone before”. Course, we’ve been to the moon, but we need to go there on a more permanent type basis, to expand our horizons, our knowledge, just to do something monumental instead of focusing on the small bit of ourselves. And finally, maybe (hopefully), Bush is going to announce some plans to do so. I know I’m not a big fan of Bush, but this may be one of the few right things he could do. I just hope he does it.

So, please support the space program. It’s worth the effort in human lives, in time, money, etc. because in life, you have to work for something, to go for something greater than yourselves. Space is something much greater than any of us, and it’s something we need to work for.

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by on Dec.29, 2003, under News

Thought I’d post this link to an inquierer article. They tend to be fairly biased on some issues, but it was an entertaining read, and they bring up some good points: The IT industry is shifting away from Microsoft . Personally, I think switching to Apple’s OS X on the front end is a great idea, while using linux as a database server ROCKS. Linux still doesn’t have the interface it needs to be a good home user desktop system. OS X does have that. Course, OS X works pretty well on the server side as well, but it doesn’t have quite the industry support on the server side that linux does. But, we’ll see how long that works smile

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Well, I almost died…

by on Dec.23, 2003, under News

My car is a wreck. Literally. The rear is pretty much gone, caved in totally. There are pieces falling off all over. I had to climb out the driver side window, the door is shoved out, but then crunched inwards, the front slammed into some pylons. The whole car was smashed into itself. But, I’m alive, and my passenger, Joe Cosas, is alive. So, I’m thankful for that.

What else. I was getting onto I270 off of Olive Blvd. I’d sped up to about 55-60, was going to merge into traffic. I lightly tapped on the brakes, and then all of a sudden the car started swerving. The brakes felt like they’d locked up. Next thing I know, the car had spun out, to the left, facing oncoming traffic. Fortunately, no one hit us, and no other cars were in the accident. The transam went across 270 and the rear slammed into the pylons in the middle, spun around then the front hit the pylons.

Not much else to report. I’m still waiting to hear from my insurance, State Farm. I’m kinda out of it, dazed, my neck hurts like hell, and I feel like shit. Other than that, not much to say.

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Hmm, I think that’s a good definition :)

by on Dec.08, 2003, under News

I found this quite entertaining smile. Go to google.com and type in “miserable failure”. Then, click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. The results speak for themselves. Have to say they’re probably the most accurate I’ve seen in a while….

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Something to look at, complain, and PAY ATTENTION TO!

by on Nov.11, 2003, under News

Here’s a major issue, dealing with our right to vote, and some problems with electronic voting. Electronic voting, if done right, could be an amazing system. However, right now, it’s not being done right. Look here for more info:

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Rockin’ Away!

by on Nov.11, 2003, under News

Apple released iTunes for both winblows and mac. I HIGHLY recommend this software, as it probably has the cleanest interface of any music player I’ve seen, as well as some of the nicest features for importing, burning, etc. Last, it just works, no hitches, no extra downloads, etc. Get it here:

Aside from that, here’s a link for some Tori Amos through the iTunes music store. (Tori is one of my favorite artists)

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