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New blog and site are up

by on Sep.01, 2006, under General, Site Updates

Welcome one and all to the new home of Jason McIntosh’s blog smile I’m still unpacking my bags and moving all of my old stuff over here, so some things may not work quite right.  PLEASE – if you do find something, leave a comment (or, if comments aren’t working, email me!).  Also, feel free to let me know what ya’ll think of the colors and everything else smile

I’m starting off with just the one theme for right now – updated for the fall.  I’ll probably create some other “themes” for other times of the year, but hopefully this gets things going.  Sorry for the delay on this too – been slammed with work and spending time with girlfriend wink Doesn’t leave much time for myself wink

Last, for any new folk, welcome!  Take a look around, ask questions, leave comments (or cash – I love cash), and enjoy the site! 

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WordPress changover soon…

by on Jun.23, 2004, under Site Updates

I’ve been playing with site styles for the new WP based blog. Check em out.
Default style
My style
WP Default
Anyone have any thoughts or comments? Dislikes/likes? Hates? Etc.?

As a note, this site is about to go live. So, pardon as things get rearranged. And I’ve still got a lot more work to do on the styles, overall. So, pardon as I play computer nerd and play with the website smile

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WordPress testing..

by on Jun.18, 2004, under Site Updates

Ok, I’m trying out WordPress instead of using my own custom software. I hesitate, as I still like the concept of my own system, but dang it, it’s hard to find the time needed to work on it. As such, I’m trying WordPress. I still don’t know for sure that I’ll do it, but it’s VERY tempting at this point.

If ya’ll would take a look, try it out, see what you think, I’d be appreciative. I haven’t gotten the stylesheet or a lot of the things done to it that I’d like. Hey, I only had today to play with this dang nabbit smile

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Testing trackback support.

by on May.25, 2004, under Site Updates

Test 1 2 3!
Anything but that!

Hopefully I can now do trackback pings automatically smile Kudo’s to Christian for pointing out trackback so long ago.

Sorry Christian for all the trackback pings! But, it does work finally smile

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Welcome to another poetshome blogger!

by on May.19, 2004, under Site Updates

Thought I’d just issue a welcome to another blogger on the poetshome site smile Feel free to drop on by, leave a comment, say hi, etc. A big welcome to James Austgen. Don’t forget to subscribe to his rss feed! – you should be able to click that link if you’ve got an RSS program installed.

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WordPress?  My own blog system?

by on May.14, 2004, under Site Updates

I’ve been looking at WordPress as an alternative to the custom blog system I’ve written. My blog system is VERY easy to use, works pretty well with no major issues, and is pretty extensible, easy to setup additional users and accounts, etc. I hesitate to switch from it to another system due to the complexity of a lot of the other blog systems. Here’s another thing – I do have a lot of code updates to work on, as well as implementing those code updates, and I’m the only one doing all the programming right now.

I’m also debating switching from my current ISP (linuxwebhosting) to a slightly cheaper but supposedly nicer ISP (smarterlinux). This brings about a lot of other changes as well, and I’ll probably only do one thing at a time. Interestingly enough with regards to my current web host, I told Christian about smarterlinux – we were both using linuxwebhost – he switched, and I haven’t.

I’ve got lots of things to think about with regards to the blog system, and one of them is this: With everyone I’m hosting on my blog, it’s my responsibility to make sure they’re all “taken care of” kinda thing. Can I do that on my own, or should I use a program that’s being developed by others? What would the “migration” look like, or how difficult? Things like this are going through my head right now…

Please, thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Particularly to any of those using my blog system (i.e. everyone on poetshome.com), I’d love to hear any thoughts on what you think of it. Good? Bad? Missing features? Requests? Opinions?I’m smoking crack?

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Updated the about page

by on Mar.24, 2004, under Site Updates

I’ve updated my about page. It’s got a few pictures, my GPG keys, and some other information. I finally got around to updating my resume, changing some of the information on there, fixing it up, etc. It’s still not perfect, but take a look try it out. There’s also a form where you can email me, my IM information, etc. So, take a look, let me know what you think. And, if you hear of a job in St. Louis for a computer programmer, feel free to send them the resume smile Thanks!

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Another welcome to a poetshome blogger :)

by on Mar.16, 2004, under Site Updates

Welcomes go to Lisa! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Bookmark her blog, or add her rss feed to your rss news reader, comment on her entries, and all that fun bloggy stuff smile

Welcome Ms. Stargazer! smile

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Yet another welcome :)

by on Feb.20, 2004, under Site Updates

Welcome, welcome to the newest poetshome.com member – Sara Slaughter. We were talking the other night over IM, and she mentioned that it’d be cool to have a site to post info, pictures, etc. on Australia, where she is studying abroad. So, welcome to poetshome.com. smile

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Massive site updates

by on Feb.09, 2004, under Site Updates

Added calendar support this evening/morning. Yes, I’m nuts, and spent the last two or three hours working on this. But, it does work. It’s not quite perfect yet, as I’m not sure I like the layout on the left links side, and may readjust that, but that’ll be later. Now, it’s bed time. At least the programming helped me avoid thinking for a while…

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