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A post after a long time, but not the typical post

by on Oct.05, 2009, under Uncategorized

So I need some advice… after some thinking and a random comment my folks made the other day I’ve been thinking about stuff related to the house purchase decision.  One suggestion my parents had was that instead of buying a house and land, or buying land and building a house, that I look at buying the land I want, getting a trailer on it and then building a house later on.

This is something I’ve previously avoided due to the thought of trailers as being far less desirable, but I’m definitely considering this more and more lately.  I’m definitely trying to spend more time outdoors rather than indoors, and this would allow me to get not only more land that meets what I’m wanting long term, but into the country sooner, have room for a horse, pole barn, shop, and other things that I could do relatively cheaply in the short term.

I know some folk have looked at this, actually done this, or just considered it, etc. – what problems have people encountered?  Am I crazy for considering this?  Are there other better options?  Thoughts or suggestions?

And on a different note, sorry for the few readers I’ve got left regarding the long time since a post – I’ve been crazy busy with life, but I’ll try and get some more details posted sometime soon.

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The start of changes

by on Feb.28, 2009, under Uncategorized

I use the term start of course loosely – as change never really has a start or end, it is continuous.  Actually the day things STOP changing is the day I’ll worry.  With that said, some of the changes in the last month have been very very good.

First, and probably foremost, I’ve been reliably attending mass, and delving back into my faith life.  This really didn’t come up for any specific reason, it’s just something that has happened over the last number of months.  I’ve been steadily focusing more and more on my faith and doing my best to follow god.  This not only has included regularly attending mass again, but other things such as being better about praying, spending time praying the rosary, and other activities.  With the start of lent, I’m doing my best to intensify that growth.  I’ll be going on the first retreat I’ve been on in perhaps 4 or 5 years.  It’s a scary thought for me, and it’s… a struggle? in a lot of ways, as it feels like I’ve made a mistake and am now working on correcting that mistake.  And that mistake is painfully obvious – not focusing enough on god and my faith.  SO, I ask for prayers for all as I re-adjust my life in that sense.

Some other big changes – regarding my health.  I’ve now hit the one year mark since I quit smoking.  For those who didn’t know I ever did smoke, well, now you do.  For those who did and have been trying to get me to quit – thank you all for encouragement and your patience and support.  For those who don’t care – why are you reading this anyways? 😉  It took me a LONG time to quit smoking – as many of you know.  This last year I’d decided to change my life.  Some of this led to my faith changes as specified, some of it the quitting smoking, but mostly it’s about changing my life for the better in every way I can.  I started horse back riding – a long time dream, I’ve been taking care of my house and cleaning a LOT more.  I’ve been doing a lot to try and get my life more on track.

Last and probably the least of the changes in importance, I did buy a new truck. It’s an F-350 instead of an F-250, dually, and overall a MUCH nicer truck.  No, I’m not compensating for anything – it was more along the lines of my old truck though nice was an 03.  It would have lasted many more years, but I also wanted something I could pull a horse trailer with comfortably, which is leading me towards the thought of a gooseneck trailer.  Additionally, I wanted something with a bench seat in the back, and a few other things that this new truck has.  It’s definitely nice, and I’ve got photos on my gallery if people wish to see it.

I’ll finish off with some pictures of a recent trip to my grandmothers.  It was a beautiful day, and it reminds me so much of past trips, and of the things that really have an impact on my life, that I don’t know that I have the words which which to describe such feelings.  It’s more a matter of it IS part of my life.  Being out in the country, in the woods, digging in the dirt or running through back woods.  A lot of my life has been spent on air force bases, but even more of my life has been spent out in the country.  I spent 10 years living outside of city limits, and even though I live in the city right now – it’s not home, and never will be.  The country is where my hear

t is and where it belongs.  If it’s not my grandmothers farm, then it will be my own someday – but it has to be  where there’s a lot more trees than people.

There’s other things I could relate, but I’ll leave off with pictures of my grandmothers, and this request – just a request for prayers for me, as I do my best to straighten out my life, and turn it in a direction facing God and where he wants me to go with my life.

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